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Thursday, October 25, 2012



Some perspective might help.

Your son HAS had help - he has parents who have helped guide him, a good guidance counselor, and a grandfather (the former English teacher) who helped him polish his essays.

Think now of a kid from a low income family, who is the first in his family to attend college, at a high school where the guidance staff is too busy to work "hand in glove" with kids on college applications. He or she doesn't have the help that your son has had, and has to somehow figure this all out on their own, without the help of parents, school counselors, or grandparents.

So, while you may be looking at those VERY rare families paying for high priced consultants, in truth, your son is ahead of many, many applicants. The truth is each applicant brings their own history and story to the process, and no college is looking for just ONE type of student. Thus, it's highly likely that all will be well for you son.

Best of luck to your son!

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