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Wednesday, July 11, 2012



Love this piece, Stacy! I agree that Slaughter talked about things that aren't popular and Kornbluh is living some of Slaughter's wisdom. At times you pour it on with work and at other times you accept flexibilty instead of prestige or pay over sexiness. But that's how life is - it ebbs and flows and for the most part is really sweet. I can honestly say my life is really good because I have healthy, engaged, sweet children, a loving wife, and a fulfilling career, and of which may drive me nuts at any time, but overall are awesome.


What an inspiring interview. I always find it so interesting to hear from accomplished women like Kornbluh about their career paths -- not always the careful plan we dreamed about in kindergarten. Plus, a very welcome reminder of the work-life struggles that the majority of mothers in America face, amid this discussion of the privileged few. Thanks, Stacy.

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