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Wednesday, May 02, 2012



I liked this take in Salon about the NYT's latest ridiculous link-bait pitting motherhood against feminism.

Brian Lewis

So, the lesson is, if you really want to exhaust yourself, keep reading incendiary writing! I think you are really on to something, Stacey.

A close relative once asked how I would deal with the incendiary comments made by a prominent political figure on the eve of an election. After a moment's thought I realized I would deal with it by...just voting then moving on. Different situation, but same lesson:
- Focus on what you *can* do to make the world a better place.
- Limit reading rants.
- Don't forget to ask yourself the most important question: What *you* will do to follow *your* path, in *your* way, according to *your* values?

Three cheers for moms who are not at war. Who has the time for all this war anyway, while busily and imperfectly parenting, while imperfectly employed or not (as fits each unique situation) and imperfectly keeping up with all the faddish op eds? And don't forget imperfectly connecting a bit with their supportive husbands.


- A totally imperfect husband
(Brian Lewis)


OMG, I am so tired too! Not only by the mommy wars link-baiting, but also by the end-of-school madness. Why doesn't the media hype that the way we hype back to school? (Oh, right, not as big of a retail opportunity.)

The Mommy Psychologist

As a child psychologist and a mom, I've spent lots of time discussing what I think is "wrong" with our generation of parents (myself included). Here's one of the biggest differences that I think exists and that is that we are the generation who have all been to therapy and blame our parents for our mistakes. So, when the table is turned and we have children of our own, we are terrified of "damaging" them in the way we feel our parents "damaged" us. I talk more about it here:


Actually, I did write about the end-of-school madness last year" A Working Moms End-of-Year Frenzy at
But I guess I'm just a blogger, not "the media." Isn't it a little early to start?

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