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Wednesday, April 18, 2012



Echidne, as usual, had some thoughtful comments on this as well:

I was trying to find a good pull-quote, but really it's all good, so just read the whole thing.

Rogue Housewife

Welcome back! I agree with you that Hilary Rosen's statement was merely clumsy, and thus I took no offense as a stay-at-home mom. Trying to survive on one income today comes with economic hardship too. Not all single-income families are rich.

Apparently, Ms. Rosen was only trying to say that Ann Romney couldn't relate to or appreciate the economic struggles of middle class & working poor women because she's led such a privileged life.

Actually, I do find that somewhat offensive. Ms. Romney is entitled to seek to get exposure to the problems of other American women and try to help them, even if she's never experienced such problems herself. I've never been poor or on welfare, but I can still appreciate the struggles of the women who have and try to help them.

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