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Friday, April 27, 2012



I guess I'm just curious if neighbors ever report you to CPS or police for truancy (or anything else) due to concerns over your child's welfare? I had one idiot neighbor call the cops because my 2 year old was screeching in her carseat (the cops were understanding, but... seriously??) I want to homeschool, but am concerned about false/misguided reports. I already had one person lie like the dickens to get me in trouble with CPS over breastfeeding my baby, and it took almost a year to get out from under that mess, and thousands of dollars.

Rogue Housewife

E: Gee, I'm sorry this is happening to you. Perhaps you are not in the right community for your family. I hope you are able to do whatever you reasonably believe is in the best interest of your child.

FGV: I know. (Sigh.)

Bransons Nantucket

This way you have a built-in opportunity to enhance your homeschool curriculum. Among other things, you can chart their responses to teach your child about statistical surveys


one you forgot:  "oh .. well, since you'll be home, could you [sign for a package, give my dog his medicine, let my child come over after school, water my plants, wait for my cable guy...]"


Rogue Housewife

Ahhh, yes! Forgot about that one!

Melody Bakeeff

I almost went this route, myself. In my particular case, my daughter has no other people in her immediate area to play with so I am sure it would have been a fairly short conversation with most neighbors. It was family members who gave the sort of reactions you're talking about when I mentioned thinking about it - especially the 'condescending' one; most particularly about the socialization aspect.
Of course, my response would be a flippant one about how I can teach her just as well about sex and guns as her classmates could. Probably better. ;-)

Rogue Housewife

Love your flippant response Melody!


Love this! I get a lot of the "Wow, you're brave for doing that..." Gotta love the lazy soccer moms that can't wait until their kids are all in school so they can sit around the house all day and have "me" time.


We do homeschool on a Religious Exemption....HOWEVER....we STILL get the CRAZY looks....and the " do you really think they're learning what they should be?" yea...I blogged about that one, you could appreciate it AHAHAH it was a RANT and a half!

OH...and YOU MUST HAVE THE PATIENCE OF JOB.....big fat yea right- I might be a Christian but I'm by no means patient OR perfect.....SHEEEEEEESH.

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