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Wednesday, February 08, 2012



Love your points about institutional support for motherhood (such as daycare,parental leave) . . . I would write more but I have to pick up my baby from outside the corner cafe ;)


I liked battle hymm, but I am relieved that nobody expects me to sit with my daughters for 3 hours of piano practice each evening!

I will keep an eye out for this book, it is very interesting to get a glimpse into how other cultures navigate parenting.


Sigh. I've been reading the articles about the French and parenting, and indeed, everything you write here rings true. I always knew I was French. Miriam, meet me at that cafe in quinze minutes.

The idea that our children are simply one facet of our lives has been coming clear to me more and more as my children get older, and I am being pulled and tugged by the pieces of me that have been lying dormant (or at least quiet) for years. It feels quite liberating and invigorating to understand that if I want to follow a passion or explore a piece of my personal dream now that it's something for my kids to watch and perhaps experience with me, and not feel abandoned by.

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