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Thursday, December 01, 2011


Rachel Martin

It's a Brooklyn thing. Our idea of nature includes pigeons that run and rats that party along subway tracks.

Rogue Housewife

Good for you! As a stay-at-home mom in an eco-crazy community, I'm surrounded by knitters, composters, and organic farmers! Oh my! It's not enough to just buy organic eggs, many of them are actually raising chickens in their backyards. (I kid you not!) I was invited to learn how to do canning and politely declined. I now believe the act of declining was itself a Stepford Wives sort of way.


"My idea of gardening, on the other hand, is to toss some already-grown flowers into some flower pots, neglect them and then pray they die quickly so I can stop feeling guilty about not watering them."

Lol! I recently bought a couple of cactus plants (one for home, one for the office) and they are dying! I thought it was impossible to kill a cactus!

Actually, this summer we grew our own basil, parsley, lettuce, and grape tomatoes (totally John and Sam's project). It was great until we all got bored and let them get out of control.

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