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Wednesday, November 09, 2011


Tania Elfersy (@PurpleLeavesRed)

I share your sleep patterns 100%! As a busy mompreneur, I can't imagine not being able to fall asleep!

I also imagine that for women who do suffer from insomnia, the "second shift" is more likely to be a cause than "personality." When more men take on responsibilities to buy birthday gifts for the endless class parties, bake the cake for the school event, make sure the gym clothes are clean and ready to wear on the right day, not to mention equally share the everyday chores . . . relief might arrive.


I'm a working mom and I have occasional insomnia and chronic tension headaches. Just started a new med that is supposed to help me sleep and prevent me from waking up with a headache. I'm reading this at 5:30am after having been awake since 3:45 (went to bed at 11:45). Sigh.

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