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Wednesday, November 30, 2011



Enjoyed your blog posts this year, Stacy - the juggle/struggle is ever-present, but I'm grateful for my full life of family and career! Did you catch the story that NPR ran on work/life balance for Washington lawyers? Here's a link:


Great blog. It is a question I cannot answer. My life sometimes feels like it is the spinner from the game of life, spinning away. My kitchen calendar is the "time collector" -- when I look back over the year I can see that we spent a year helping cats, kittens, and dogs find forever homes, checked out colleges, enjoyed our annual Cape May vacation, prepared for Michael's upcoming Bar Mitzvah, and enjoyed many days with friends and family mixed in with lots of school activities.

Emily Kuvin

So true -- as we get older, each year gets shorter. Just hang on and and try to enjoy the journey as you're taking it. You lead a rich and rewarding life, fitting more in than most!

Cindy Goodman

Here's the line of your post I most enjoyed: I've spent most of my time on the essentials of everyday life for a busy two-income, two-kid family: chauffering, cleaning, cooking, commuting, comforting, coordinating, hugging, laundering, loving, organizing, scheduling, schlepping, shopping, traveling, and working (and teleworking). Oh, how I can relate!

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