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Wednesday, October 12, 2011



Happy birthday to the girl with the most clear, confident blue eyes around. (They are blue, right?) And I share your angst. I missed both my 5-year old's birthday this year and the older girl's the previous year! One for work and the other because she was at the grandparents for "camp". It is what it is...


Seems to me that you're doing it all right, Stacy!! I think if you are making the effort to be a part of the celebration (and probably orchestrating the whole thing as well) our kids pick up on that, and know that you're doing your best. They also know that work is a priority, and needs to be slotted in sometimes at inconvenient times. It's all about the balance. And by the way, you probably didn't know that February is national Karen's birthday month - so I hear you about the relative importace of birthdays in your life :)


Happy bday, I! And are they really pre-tweens already? Oy vey...

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