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Thursday, October 27, 2011



You guys steal graphics and there's absolutely no creativity in your work


Seriously? a 10yr old that wants to be Elmo? Elmo is for toddlers. Is he challenged?


@Stephen I have Twin 10 year olds myself. Amazingly they are still somewhat innocent. I beleive that it is a good thing that they are still kids and not little sullen oversexed violent adult wannabes. Get some real values before you go spouting off about kids being kids still. You sound like the type of person who dresses their little girls in slut-wear and their little boys in SlipKnot T-shirts and then is surprised when the kids turn into suicidal teen parents.


I very rarely respond to a reader. I have readers who have disagreed with me, who have thought me writing to be "ham-fisted" or worse, and who have taken me to task for perceived lack of information. I have readers who have accused me (and us) of stealing graphics (see above; Current Mom actually has a policy of using the Creative Commons site on Flickr - which makes thousands of photos available to the public domain, so long as there is attribution.) And of course, I have readers who have supported me through my blogging journey.

But I have never had a reader who chose to slander my child, and to this, I have to respond.

No, Stephen, my 10-year-old is not "challenged", unless he is challenged to behave like a sweet young boy in a society that places a premium on violence and gore and over-sexed tweens and teens and even younger kids. I am delighted that he has chosen to be Elmo for Halloween - it is, in fact, his chosen nickname (because who doesn't love Elmo?) and as any parent with young children knows, there is a power and pull to those muppet characters that lives well beyond the toddler years. All three of my kids, once they outgrew Sesame Street, chose to continue to love the muppets for what they are - funny, witty, profound, and utterly adorable. I love the muppets too. It's cool to wear muppet shirts well into your teens -- just look around any store's teen section and you'll see that.

And in fact, we have friends where the mom is currently undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer, and all five of them - mom and dad and three kids (not all toddlers) - are wearing muppet hats to show their solidarity with their mom as she loses her hair.

I won't make the assumption that you are not a parent - perhaps you are. But I don't know ANY parent who would choose to make an assumption, especially such an ignorant, hurtful assumption -- about a child he or she doesn't know. It was just plain mean, and it got my hackles up in a fierce, mother lion, protective way. Please do not make assumptions about my child or any other child you've never met, and I won't make assumptions about your choices surrounding your family.

Linda Keely

Thanks for the heads up about the grim reaper. It is obviously time to "up our game".

- Your next door neighbor

Beth Sperber Richie

Well said, Karen, both in your post and in your comments. Bravo to a 10 year old who still wants to be Elmo and to any other kid who doesn't feel a need to grow up too fast. There is plenty of time to be an adult and as this discussion shows us, it isn't all fun and games. So take your time, kids and enjoy being Elmo or whoever else you want to be.


Great job responding to a heckler, Karen.


The comment was gratuitous, indeed.

But I'm curious about your disclaimer: "I very rarely respond to a reader."


Melody Bakeeff

I'm guessing she takes the sage advice of most seasoned online posters - "Don't Feed the Trolls". :-)

Account Deleted

Great reading, thanks! Sometimes I just happen to stumble over info that arrives in a timely manner. Spot on ;-)

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