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Wednesday, September 14, 2011



Oh Stacy - I love your posts! Especially relevant to me as I'm officially going on maternity leave tomorrow and slipping out of work mode for a brief 12 weeks to be full-time mom of 3! And I will not be using this time to slip on any sort of supermom costume...


My wife is out of town this week, so I have worked truncated hours and done the part-time working mom thing instead of the full time working mom thing (yes, I have had 3 1/2 days of nanny coverage). Yesterday afternoon (a nannyless day), I was practically hyperventilating because I couldn't imagine how I could do all the things one could do (school fundraisers! classroom volunteer! harvest festival scarecrow decorator! fresh, non-nut snacks for soccer!) if I didn't work at all, let along working full time. Today I'm back in the office, and I'm not obsessed by any of it. And that's why working can be good - it gives you something to think about other than being the "perfect" mom. That said, if I won the Lotto, I might quit and try on the full time mom thing for a while. I bet I'd last about a month!
Good piece, Stacy.

Rogue Housewife

Stacy, Your post is spot on! Interestingly, your "slider" list identifies activities that stay-at-home moms often do, likely because they have a lot more time on their hands. When I was a working mom, I didn't do any of that stuff--and never felt bad about it. Heck, as a current stay-at-home mom, I still don't do much of that stuff!

I think it's great, however, to stop and ask yourself what's most important to you at any given time in your life. After spending time as a working mom, I decided that attending brain-numbing staff meetings, writing boring memos, and dealing with office politics were the things I wanted to let slide.

Though I'm no uber-mom (the stay-at-home mom equivalent of the supermom), I gotta say that my kid thinks the homemade cupcakes taste better. Probably because we had the time to make them together, an activity I didn't want to let slide.

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