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Tuesday, August 23, 2011



"...doesn't +want to use their real names..."


I can't thank you enough for writing this. I originally starting using a pseudonym so I could discuss my kids issues, father's alzheimer's, divorce, etc. And the number of people who say, "Just put that in Circles" is amazingly frustrating. These are public issues, and it has been very fulfilling to me to not only be able to talk about them publicly and get feedback, but also to see how others gain from having them discussed publicly.


I want to thank you also for writing this. In the first month of public discussion of the issue on G+ itself, the female perspective was and still is being heavily overshadowed by the male. Especially on the side of "real names". The downright belligerent tone taken by some of the "get out of here hippies" people has been grating. And we couldn't help but smell the scent not just of privilege, but male privilege oozing out from the edges. (It did't help that some of the most horrible things said to people defending pseudonyms came from men, aimed at women.)


Thank you so much.

My dad was a university professor and taught marketing, and he would tell his students stories about his kids. For instance there was a really popular one about marketing of toys during cartoons.

Eventually I went to that school and was mortified to hear the stuff people repeated to me that my dad had said about me. I finally got him to stop doing it. Even if he had called me something other than my name, anyone who knew that he was my dad reading a story like that would know it was about me and my brother. I'm sort of really glad he didn't post to Facebook. I guess things will be different for kids who have all grown up with parents on Facebook but it was just so embarrassing to have people say "Wait, you're Mr Payne's daughter? You don't still sit around on Saturday morning in footie pajamas do you?" (And yeah, okay, now it's funny, but it wasn't funny when I was 15, 16 and 17 and a very young university student who had skipped a few grades and felt awkward being younger than her classmates as it was!)


Over at G+, Meirav Berale puts this much more eloquently than I did:

A Facebook User

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