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Wednesday, July 20, 2011



I'm not a work at the office mom so I don't have quite the same requirements as you do but I've found 2 mom centered fashion blogs really helpful. is written by Hallie Lord. She writes about fashion and gives ideas for moms who are looking to be fashionable but also modest. She also offers a personal shopping service which I have heard nothing but raves about. She does it all on-line and then you can choose what you want to purchase. She features a special package for maternity wear- she's been pregnant 5 times so she knows all about what works and what doesn't. is written by several moms and all are very on trend and fashion forward. They all have younger children so they tend to feature or at least mention if items are baby pooch, nursing, and baby wearing friendly. I wouldn't put together the precise pieces they do- I tend to be more conservative in my choices but I can get a good idea of what the trends are andhow I can work them into my life.

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