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Friday, May 20, 2011



This is the sweetest post. I always wonder (and worry about) what my kids are like when I'm not around. I always hope they are better with others than with me. They sound like great kids with a great aunt.


This is fabulous and a dream come true for me. To hear that a careful observer believes that the girls are resilient and happy -- when out and about -- **is** the goal.

As far as I can tell, the home is where it is safe to crash the first version of the biplane of your **self**. Crash it hard. Crash it often. If you can safely do this enough, you are practiced and find yourself on the road to resiliency and happiness, especially if you have been encouraged along the way. Submit all the first drafts of behavior with mistakes, in the home until you've had practice, seems healthy to me.

Then, when you find someone special, like a loving aunt, submit a second draft of your self. Be resilient and happy and share company in style.

What a treat that the final version lands as a gift, on the doorstep of a deserving and wonderful aunt.

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