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Tuesday, May 31, 2011



Oh, Amanda, I am so sorry to hear about your latest run-in with The Bad Luck. How can a teacher blame your parenting for your child's behavior? Especially regarding a child with special needs. We're going through a rough patch at school too, but fortunately none of our teachers has stooped that low. I think you're smart to focus on the family and worry about picking up extra work later -- you can turn around finances more easily than a child who's gone off track.

Too bad you don't live here because I know an amazing special needs parent educator. Actually, I'll ask her tonight if she would be willing to do a phone consultation, if that might help. Wishing you a change in your luck!

John McPherson

I'm not going to say I'm sorry to hear this (Even though I am), because I know the article is meant to be analytical. I have always thought that the bad luck is what makes good people. Someone who only ever has good luck, can not understand the hardships that bad luck brings, so why would they change? However people faced with bad luck, don't want to repeat the same experiences, so they try to do better. I'm not saying people with good luck are bad people, I am merely saying that they are less likely to see problems within their lives if it isn't adversely affecting them.

Of course this is just my opinion, but it does seem to have a bit of logic to it. :)



I love the idea of encapsulating the bad luck with the "the." The bad luck hit our house this year too - husband laid off, health issues, and lots of friends facing ill and dying parents and -- but the wonderful thing about the bad luck is that it almost always moves on, like a storm. It's hard to live through, tough on people, on relationships, on our ability to do other things like be good parents to our children, but ultimately, it calms down and the good luck pops up, like a crocus at the end of February. Thinking about you and wishing you some crocuses!


I know this was months ago but I had to post. Myself and my family are having a long spell of bad luck. My son is also special needs and his health is so poor that since starting school last year he has never done a full five days, I've had to produce doctors notes just so his teacher and headmistress understand. My mother in law has had 5 heart attacks in the last twelve months and I've had to start caring for her. My husband has had issues with a respitory illness that caused him to have some time off work to recover. He lost a lot of custom and we even had people phoning our house to bitch us out about it.
My daughter who is the sweetest kid suffered a campaign of bullying that made her ill, the girl that started it off is still at her school and got special treatment as she had family problems.
In between all this I was diagnosed with lupus and we had our car stolen, our shed set on fire by some total weirdo. I must mention it had all our tools in.
I just feel like I can't breath. As I write this I'm going on 3 hours sleep as my son spent the last two days in hospital, I got home and our window was smashed thanks to our neighbours kid.
I don't want to be all woe is me but I just want to scream 'give us a break!'
I've worked all my life, volunteered for causes always tried to be a decent person but still this spell of bad luck continues.
Thank you for your post, I sincerely hope good things come your way.

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