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Thursday, May 19, 2011



I am SO with you on this. How on earth could someone keep a CHILD secret from his spouse? Much less have the mother of that child in the same household as your wife for a decade? It's stunning. I don't think my husband could last a week with that kind of deception.

Gigi Jones

Well, I guess, Arnold, being a human being just like any one of us, did what he did because he believed it was right to keep it a secret. And I guess, he held onto the secret for as long as he could, and when he couldn't he told Maria. I'm sure it's the reason for their announcement of a breakup the day before the "love child" story came out. "How" is not nearly as important to me as "why" when he had so much to lose? But then, there were allegations prior to his run for Governor-it wasn't considered important then, so the press obviously felt Arnold deserved a pass on his activities.

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