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Wednesday, April 27, 2011



I am so with you on this gripe, Stacy. Hadn't seen the article, but just looked at the pictures your linked - terrible! Why aren't they showing her in a position of power, instead of a position of harriedness (and weakness)? She is a role model - professionally - for so many women. Once again, the media sees fit to undermine a powerful woman by commenting on her personal life. It's as if they need to put us in our place. I may not aspire to political power or corporate seniority, but I sure want to read about women who do -- and not about their minivans or carpooling duties. I want to read about who inspired them, who their heroes are, and what are their visions for our future.


I read the non-article the other day as well and had the same reaction and also the thought: "Well, I wasted a perfectly good 10 minutes reading that!" And as a "harried mom" I really don't have that kind of time to waste!

Lisa Newman

Actually, everyone I know is harried, men and women alike. Nobody turns their Blackberries off. The whole premise is so outdated. Family, work, life is all 24/7 for men and women alike. Yes, I agree, they would NEVER do a political (or corporate) profile on a man that talks about carpools and how his wife handles everything on the home front. The NY Times could have done a much better job with this article so that it would have been up to the standard this woman clearly sets. I am very impressed by her. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

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