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Wednesday, March 30, 2011



Was wondering why you didn't dump the kids on someone else and then you got to the part where you did and I breathed a sigh of relief for you and your husband. In the past year, we have had a bunch of those weekends and the pizza out of the box sounded pretty familiar. Hope you made your peace with it and feel good about the work you did! I bet the kids thought it was a great weekend. Our challenge now with a 6th grader is that sometimes we have to oversee her homework. So shoving her in front of electronics is not an option.


Thank goodness for laptops. We have finished reports, reviewed grants, etc. at soccer and baseball fields all over Ohio! Mostly at practices and pre-game. If I have to work during any portion of a game, I do try to stay in the car so as not to be rude. Or, that practice or pre-game time can be used for other things that free up time for work at other times. I am a big believer in using the time to exercise, which works well for walkers/runners, but I have also done yoga in a grassy corner of the baseball park and, when my kids took swimming lessons, used the health center's machines. The choices are certainly not always my "ideal" workout location or sequence, and I would rather not have the hair-tied-back, sweaty look during games, but that's how it goes! People expect it now..can't let my reputation slide!

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