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Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Mary Curlew

Thanks for linking to the Sloan Network. Your readers may be interested in the changes ahead for the Network. This information can be found on our homepage.

Cali Williams Yost

Ah, this is why we talk about "work+life" flexibility not just workplace flexibility. We need to update and expand our thinking and language.


Thanks for this post Stacy. I quite agree with you that the question needs to go wider than work. I'd add to your list: childcare. It seems that if you want genuinely flexible childcare a few may be able to afford an expensive nanny but most have to go down the route of a cheap poorly qualified home daycare. How can we make high quality, affordable, flexible daycare a reality for all?


Nice post, Stacy. You know, some service providers could stand to do what barbers and hair salon workers have been doing forever: work Tuesday thru Saturday.

As for workplace flexibility, the one thing I rarely hear folks discuss is the lack of opportunities for professionals to ENTER the workplace as a part-time employee. Typically, the part-time option is available only to those who started fulltime and somehow "earned" the option to switch to part-time. Or, the organization can't afford to lose an employee and thus is compelled to honor his or her request to work part-time.

I'm a former attorney and stay-at-home mom who would return to work--but only if I could work part-time. As far as I can see, especially in this economy, my only option would be to hang out a shingle and take on a minimum caseload. Because that is an option for me, I expect little sympathy. But what about others who don't have that option?

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