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Wednesday, February 16, 2011



I did think the Fey article was the funniest I've read in ages and read most of the 1st 2 pages aloud to my husband. Love, love, love the part about women people don't want to sleep with being branded as crazy. and v. excited to read more about the witch book chosen by the daughter who can't read. Hey, if we can't laugh, we'll never survive this!
And it is too great that Tina Fey is really just one of us--our secret girlfriend juggling it all.

Jennifer Pereyra

I had never heard of the book Tina mentioned until I had read the story. I ventured over to Amazon and was glad to see that it only had 3 stars. It is pretty old so lets hope that there are few people out there that are actually purchasing the book and now that Tina has brought it into the spotlight, hopefully schools will remove it from their circulation. It's too outdated and while back when it was written, it may have been accepted, that just isn't the case anymore.
In terms of her struggle, I'm sure she'll make the decision that will best for her, her family, and her career. I think eventually, we all do.

Jennifer Pereyra
Author, Mommy & Daddy Work to Make Some Dough


Late to the game here, but I find it interesting that you call this essay "self-absorbed." It's a personal essay, so by definition it's about the person writing about it. Would you have said this if a man had written it?

My point is that it's an interesting comment and double-standard by a fellow member of the female tribe. Something to think about.

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