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Sunday, February 20, 2011



My name is Candi Wingate; owner of and I started my career as a nanny, working for a family with five children. I quickly learned what families need, and applied those real-life lessons to my business. I’ve been a nanny, owned a nanny agency, started 3 online nanny databases, and wrote “100 Tips for Nannies & Families” and "The Nanny Factor: A Parent's Guide to Finding the Right Nanny For your Family". Plus, I’m a wife and mother of two young boys, so I know first-hand what it’s like to balance work and a family. I believe that women can have it all, but they need help to do so! My company provides that necessary help and support.
Since I was young, I’ve always been a motivated, outgoing self-starter. My parents were self-employed, which motivated and inspired me to do the same. I had a great idea for a business, and I’ve experienced tremendous growth by meeting the needs of other families like my own – who need a little extra help at home. When things in business don't go the way they should, don't give up and stay positive.

Good Day Mompreneur

Mompreneurs are changing the world. Thank you so much for sharing the inspiring story... ideas and desires can take us forward in life for us as moms and business leaders

Step 2 Roller Coaster

Hi there, I think you had a great business idea. So many parents are near-fanatics when it comes to their kids and sports - good for you for identifying that niche.

I love reading about moms that not only have great ideas - but MAKE THEM HAPPEN! :) Kudos!

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Find someone who doesn't have young kids so you can do trade offs. You want someone you can rely on in case of emergencies.

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