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Sunday, January 09, 2011



Congratulations, Jeannie! I am so glad you found a great fit and wish you all the best in the world with your new job. There is a lot to be said for employment. As much as I love being on my own, it is lonely and hard and can be exhausting, and I find myself wistful for how much you can accomplish in the right institution with the right support. So I can't say that I would never take another job and leave the entrepreneurial life (which I would've said a year ago) but it would take a really amazing job offer. All the best to you.

Jeannie Wong

Thank you, Kakki! I'm excited about the possibilities! And please know that you are among the bright, interesting, dynamic people that I referenced. I'll definitely be staying in touch!
Best, Jeannie

Jennifer Pereyra

Congratulations! One never really knows if s/he can do something unless s/he tries! Having had a foot in the corporate world and a foot in the independently owned small business world, I can guarantee you that you will be that much more successful now as you are returning to the corporate world. The experience you gained while running your own business is invaluable as you now have something that nobody can attain at even the best academic institution in the world and that is PERSPECTIVE!

Jeannie Wong

Thank you so much for your thoughts, Jennifer. I appreciate it!
Best, Jeannie

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