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Friday, January 14, 2011



On the use of rhetoric, violent or otherwise, and what makes something violent rhetoric (as opposed to colorful imagery):|

K Ship

Yet another attack on Sarah Palin. How about the DNC that published a map with bulls eye's on it in 2008. How about President Obama who told an audience in Philly to bring a gun to a knife fight. There is no evidence that this shooter knew much about Sarah Palin. He began planning this event in 2007 well before Sarah was on the National Stage. Have you read any of the websites that call for Sarah Palins assanitation ?


The connection between the attention seeking behaviors of politicians and children is spot on. There is also a parallel to advertising that was brought to light in one of the older ‘The Simpson’s – Tree House of Horrors’ episodes. The town of Springfield is overrun by giant advertisements and logos come to life. The solution to the problem – complete with Paul Anka’s Guarantee – is ‘just don’t look, just don’t look.’ And once all the good townsfolk take the advice the rampaging giants are rendered powerless. Politicians – of all stripes – will stop using ‘word grenades’ when we stop allowing them to work. Bravo for the post.


@"K Ship" Did you read the article above? Particularly the 3rd to last paragraph? Part of the issue at hand is that people (like you, clearly)skip over what doesn't fit their point. I thought Jenny went out of her way to be VERY neutral, only calling Palin out as a person who is being discussed on the national scene as guilty of the rhetoric, currently. Take a moment to read and comprehend before you post. It will save a lot of misplaced hard feelings.

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