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Thursday, January 06, 2011



My backup routine quickly became insufficient when we got an HD camcorder. Now that I take 1080 HD video of our little boo, terabyte drives don't see so big anymore (it's roughly 8 GB per hour of video). And there's no way you're moving that much data to the cloud for backup with the pitiful upload speeds of home broadband connections. So my off-site backup is actually a hard drive in a safe-deposit box at our bank around the corner that I update a few times a year.

Kristie Taylor

This is tangential to your post -- but how does storing recipes in Evernote work for you? I've tried doing that, but I find it very inconvenient to have the laptop in the kitchen with me. Maybe someday if I move to a tablet computer, but for now, I can't make it work. I open to ideas though, because I'd really like to do that.


Kristie: iPhone.

And I sometimes set the laptop on the dining table and just go glance at it now and then to remind myself what's next.

I also print out more complicated recipes sometimes for one-time use. I don't care if something spills on it.

I find any of these options easier than worrying about a cookbook in the kitchen.

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