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Wednesday, December 22, 2010



More power to ya! From another power mom down the hall.


You have my vote, Stacy!


You rock! Getting your kids to bed on time - now that's an accomplishment! Happy New Year and happy vacation!


LOVE this post and what it says about the importance of those daily victories - over the schedule, the technology, the recalcitrant children. We working moms of the world deserve a pat on the back. Go us!


I so appreciate this post! I rolled my eyes a bit when I saw WM's power mom list (even though I love the mag!). I kept asking, "Who really defines 'success' or 'power' anyway?" I feel pretty darn successful and powerful, despite not being a recognized celebrity, head of a major conglomerate (if you don't count this empire I'm raising at home) or politician.

So, thumbs up. You and all the other working moms around the world get my vote!


seriously, don't those people have their own personal staff? Getting 3 kids to be at night and activities coordinated for the week is a Herculean feat after major work exhaustion...

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