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Wednesday, December 08, 2010



So true! Thankfully the busy holiday season coincides with winter, so there is no need for leg shaving (hooray for boots and tights). LOVE this post.


Love this post Stacy! Concealer+mascara+a little eyeshadow+blush and 3 minutes to dry my hair in the winter and I'm off!


Thank you for your candor, as well as the Interesting data out of UCLA. A fascinating and amusing blog. I used to work full-time and now work very part-time hours. Truthfully, I spend much less time on personal grooming now than I did when I was working full-time. I probably care about it as much. Nevertheless, something about going to an office every day made me want to make myself up more. Everything is more relaxed about me now, including the amount of time I spend on that.

Cindy Goodman

Great post! Some weeks, I realize I'm letting my personal grooming suffer but I shrug it off and tell myself it's all about balance. Maybe my nail polish is half worn off but at least I made it to my kid's soccer game!


Someday, I keep telling myself, I will actually wear nail polish, which to me has always seemed like the exemplar of a polished, put-together, professional look. Someday, when I don't have dishes to wash and laundry to fold and groceries to schlep into the house. And as the skunk line sets in before I have time to get to this month's hair dying session, let me tell you how much I relate!!


So . . . after this post, my husband bought me a gift certificate for a mani-pedi. Thank you, honey!


Nice article. As said i prefer to spend some time with kids rather than grooming. In my case I have everyone out of the door and then start my ritual. I hardly take time. Half an hour for everything including bath. Anyways glad i'm able to manage eveything.

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