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Thursday, December 02, 2010



if they were a bit cheaper, I'd be tempted to hang one on the kitchen wall where it would become the go-to resource for checking business hours, looking up IMDB and other curiosity-satisfiers, and ordering specials of the month from our favorite restaurants. I suspect we'd use it for all kinds of other things too, and yet somehow we muddle along... :)

Bert Ianarelli

Try downloading the PDF manuals to a Mac or PC for every appliance and gadget you own (obtainable from the manufacturers' website Support pages) and transfer them to iPad via e-mail attachments or through iTunes. Insurance booklets, government publications, catalogs -- they're all accessible as PDF files online. Apple's free iBooks app is the best place to store PDF literature.

Then when you next ask 'What filter does my fridge use?" or "What type of bulb do I need for my microwave?" - you have the answer right on your iPad!

How do I program the DVR? Add a clicker to the garage door opener? iPad has the answer.


I am addicted to my husband's iPad. I too use it for games, reading and some videos. Angry Birds is a kind of obsession for me and I am working on the stupid and ridiculous task of getting 3 stars for each level so i can get all of the golden eggs...can we say time suck?
anyway, the reader isn't bad either and definitely helps when i am up late nursing the baby and want to read without turning on a light and disturbing my husband. I have read the past few book group books that, that is the answer to "when do you have time?"
we don't have the 3G connection either. my husband got the iPad for work, but it really isn't too helpful for that...we are thinking of getting the keyboard, which may help. I like it in the house when i need to order groceries with Peapod (there is an app which works fine) so i don't have to turn my back on the kids while i work on the desktop.
the iPad is also a good distraction for the kids (our 3 year old especially) while in restaurants when we are still eating and they are finished...i know, we are probably rotting their brains, but beats having them running amok in a restaurant...right?

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