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Sunday, December 12, 2010


single mom

I'm a single mom of 2 and I find your site very interesting. Let me take a tour on your other post. I hope I have much time each day to drop by and check your site for recent post.

kim/hormone-colored days

Great post and I'm glad you didn't respond to the post with your own snark. This is a useful, informative article that supports bloggers who want to take their blogging or social media presence to the next level. Great links, too.

We should set up that virtual coffee date soon!


Bottomline: If anyone is blogging for the money, they are wasting their time and energies unless they are a rare and very talented person with a unique angle.

If women bloggers (moms and others) blog to build a personal brand, use it as a launch pad for a business or idea or thought leadership, they're more likely to succeed.

The Technorati study of blogging found very few people made money. There are not many rich female bloggers like Dooce.

The rest of us do it because we enjoy it, we want to have another avenue to vent or express, or we are hoping to fill out our resumes. As someone who's been a professional journalist, and who can command more than a dollar a word for freelance reporting and who works full time as a reporter during the day, I am reluctant to write guest posts for others for free. I keep my free stuff for my blog!

Re PR pitches? My feeling. You get to say yeah or nay.

I will write about those that interest me or have some value but will nix the rest. It is my time, my energy and my money ... I am blogging when I could be racking up extra paid work or spending more time with my family and friends.

It is a very rare person who lands a book deal from blogging. The rest? Their blogs may generate some business opportunities such as being asked to speak at conferences. Others will reap benefits like new friends.

But don't pin your hopes of riches on blogging ...

Katherine's right, There is no justice in corporate America and there are hundreds of thousands of very deserving bloggers out there who are yet to be discovered.

Just maybe you are one of them. But hey, I wouldn't hold your breath.


Nice writeup. As much as Sarah's post annoyed me I am also faced with the "deserved" attitude from bloggers - for events, media trips and items. Trust me, I get asked for this from fellow bloggers a lot. While we may not be getting our worth it is not the best attitude to carry out that the world owes us. If we want everyone to treat us professionally then we better start acting professionally - all of us!

Natalie Hodge MD FAAP

Since when does "What you deserve to be paid" sync with pay? Do hedge fund managers "Deserve" to make millions of dollars? Do professional Basketball players deserve to be paid a 50 million dollar contract? and on and on... Nice article noting the major business models associated with blogging. The notion that market rate for an electronic piece is in some way " worth less" than an on paper publication is ridiculous, as the recent Huffpost acquisition accentuates.

Natalie Hodge MD FAAP

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