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Thursday, November 11, 2010



How weird, we were just having this very conversation about our basement/family room. We have a decent TV down there, but it's a very heavy tube and it's causing our Walmart TV cabinet to sag in the middle. Meanwhile, we want to replace the basement carpet with something that is not carpet. So do that first... then figure out the furniture. But since we're not planning to replace that TV yet, the furniture will have to be something that works with a heavy tube TV now, but also will work with a flat screen in the future. I'm thinking a credenza is the way to go. But I also envision a whole wall full of useful cabinets and shelves around it. Then there's Komputer Kable Korner, which I have grand plans of turning into a fancy office space.

I have a feeling none of this is ever going to happen unless a giant crate filled with money and Xanax appears on our doorstep, but I can dream.

We did just buy a small flat screen TV for the upstairs. It's a Vizio VIA HDTV. It's the most awesomest thing ever. It has Netflix streaming and some other internet stuff built right into it! You just hang it on the wall and plug it in!

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