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Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Caroline Morton Huffman

Whether or not one is a mother is irrelevant. Whether or not one is a parent should not be fodder for politics. My congressman, Brad Miller, came under fire in the last election cycle because he and his wife had never had children! Apparently, as his Republican opponent explained, this meant Rep. Miller lacked "family values." It was all appalling.

Joanne Bamberger aka PunditMom

Clever political strategy and effort to keep moms in a niche. What I've been saying for a long time.


A quick update on my post. Women, in fact, were net losers this year, "new momism" notwithstanding. See this update from Jennifer Lawless on Slate for a rundown of the numbers: But the original "mom in tennis shoes," Senator Patty Murray, won her Senate race tonight! See

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