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Thursday, November 04, 2010



Hi there - this is a great list. Thanks for sharing! When you're looking for more of the best kids apps out there, make sure to visit LunchboxReviews.Com. Lunchbox collects, categorizes and rates apps specifically for toddlers, preschoolers and young children. LunchboxReviews.Com. :)

Account Deleted

Love this! Let me just share my top 4:

1. Intuition ( tagged as mom's personal assistant, free productivity app
2. Bakery Story, teamlava's another great game
3. Cut the Rope
4. Alphababy (free app for toddlers!)

Track a phone

Hello StartingMom, thanks for the recommendations.

Ash Malarkey

You should totally include Picturizr on this list. Its so fun and its free! Also How Stuff Works, its a great science-related app for 6 and above., :)

New York Developers

Four iPhone apps I'm using a lot lately: cooking, weather, angry birds, and the zoo in your pocket

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