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Thursday, November 18, 2010



This post really hits home with me. One of the areas where I have not updated my life is with my music - I still don't own an iPod (although I have an iPhone, but have not downloaded any music on it.) I just don't care enough about it. I love listening to music (although what I like dates me terribly) and I'm happy to slide it in a CD player in my car (although I had a cassette player too until the van broke down two years ago.) I also just read an article about how many people are abandoning their cable television altogether in favor of Hulu and Netflix. I like Netflix, but I have neither the time nor the interest to figure out how to stream Hulu onto my tv set. I barely have time to read two pages in a book (no a Kindle yet either) at night before I fall asleep.

I figure that when my kids are grown and out of the house and my life is less hectic, I'll catch up to whatever technology awaits me then. I'm not technophobic, just technostupid. and it simply takes up too much bandwidth for me to have to put a millisecond of energy into thinking about changing my technology for home use.

However, I do worry about keeping up with work-related technology. As a consultant, I need to be relatively up-to-date with what is being used in my field, and in that sense, I'm nervous because it's all moving too quickly for me to truly understand it.


I think a risk is that one might miss something that would be truly productivity-enhancing or time-saving (or otherwise significantly life-enhancing), but it takes a time/energy investment to do the experiments with new things to find out whether they're worth it in one's own particular circumstance. That's a challenge.

On the tv thing - it was much less a whizbang tech factor for us than a cost issue. Just basic cable was up around $60/month and we weren't watching it. Netflix streaming is $9/month and the Roku (which plugs into the tv and streams Netflix over our wireless internet connection) was $60 (one-time cost). So it's a definite cost win.

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