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Wednesday, October 20, 2010



Vanessa, this post came just when I needed it. Last night I couldn't unwind and fall asleep until 1 am and then when my daughter woke at 5:30 am, I couldn't fall back to sleep at all!! I definitely need more rejuvenation and am considering either yoga or meditation.

Although, I took a zumba class for the first time last weekend, and I loved it. Could that possibly become a practice that centers and restores me?? I mean, with all the music and the hip action?


I think you can find rejuvenation and personal restoration in even a high energy class like Zumba. The mental time out and personal practice comes in doing something for you - something that you enjoy, allows you to let go of the day, temporarily forget your to do lists, and nourish yourself. For some people a mellow, quiet activity fosters this for others it's something with more movement, and pep! I hope that Zumba becomes a regular part of your weekly practice and it helps with the unwinding. I also keep notebook next to my bed that I jot down ideas, anxieties, lists, etc. before I go to bed. Sometimes tucking away the things that keep me up at night help me drift off with ease.


Saying "no" is one of the most important things we can learn how to do. With a busy client base, being active in my synagogue and my children's THREE different schools which all want a piece of me is a challenge. Add to that that, with my children a bit older, I am pursuing my life-long dream of writing a book (and blogging!), and there is very little of me to go around. I had to learn early on in my children's lives that I had to say "no" to most things that people asked me to do. I have to develop a very fine filter to figure out which extra things I can take on that will benefit me, my family and the world. Just last week, I was asked to join a board of an organization I really admire and I would really like to be giving back in that way (plus it would be great networking for my work) but I still have to say no for the moment. I wouldn't be able to do it justice.

Now, however, I'm really interested in hearing more about this Zumba thing ... Kakki - what is it?


Ugh - I'm so busy I can't even type properly. The second sentence should read "A busy client base, a synagogue that needs volunteers and my children's THREE different schools all want a piece of me - and it's a challenge to respond to all the requests."



I was confused when I saw your post because I knew that I didn't blog yesterday but I was actually in the middle of taking time out to rejuvenate. Mine wasn't as healthy as yoga, but it was as restorative. I took a day off from work and took the train to Philadelphia to meet up with my cousin, who lives in New York. We talked, walked, shopped, saw art, ate, and drank and just caught up. I feel like a new person today!

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