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Sunday, October 03, 2010


cynthia kocialski

I've been involved in the start-up industry for 15+ years. The winners are those that simply refuse to quit. They have a commitment to winning. Col Sanders (KFC) legendary persistence of contacting close to 1000 people before landing his first licensee. Cisco Systems met with 77 VCs before receiving funding. The quitters are those that expected it to be fairly easy to succeed, when they meet major resistance, they quit - particularly if they don't have to win. The question is when to hold and when to fold, but there are plenty of proof points in both directions.

Investors are reporting the best dealflow in years with far more quality ideas being presented to the startup investment community. But what worries them is the reason is the economy, with so many people not being fully employed, people are becoming forced entrepreneurs. Seasoned investors know it takes 8 to 10 years to realize a return on their investment in a startup. Their concern is if the econpomy improves will the entrepreneurs return to their jobs and subsequently lose their investment.

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