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Thursday, September 02, 2010



Another nice online resource for Google users is Google Documents. My husband and I can work on the same document online that way. You're not limited by file types either. We also have a shared Google calendar to help us keep track of our busy schedules. Both are great resources!

P.S., what's with the picture?


I am increasingly uncomfortable with turning things over to the Google maw, although I do know plenty of people who swear by Google Docs. Gmail has been so slow and sometimes unreliable for me lately, that I'm getting nervous.

If you click on the link under the picture it'll take you to a description. If you mean *why* that picture I just searched on 'fire hose' or something for a public domain image to represent the fire hose of information overload. That's how I feel most days. :)


I use Google Docs too - I like it because it's easy to share documents with other people. I try to back it up periodically. Instapaper sounds great - I was just wishing for something like this the other day, when about 20 of my facebook friends all posted links to articles that sounded really interesting but I was too busy to read any of them. I guess I could bookmark them, but that's too clunky.

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