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Thursday, September 23, 2010



Agreed! Never underestimate the value of quality kitchen tools - especially knives. I've actually found great silicon spatulas at the dollar store, but you're gonna spend more for a good knife. And tedious chopping tasks will be *much* more pleasant.


I often think we "make do" with leftover dishes or glasses or whatever, especially in our earlier post-college days. I was willing to put a little money into getting things that I liked, not because they made me function better but because they gave me a little pleasure every time I had a glass of water. Better a set of towels that makes you feel pampered or an elegant teapot than a sculpture you have to dust (at least if it must be a choice)...


That is so, so, SO true. I am also in a huge decluttering/paring down/streamlining mode, and part of what I'm doing is trying to identify not just what needs to GO, but what needs to be replaced. That crappy, dull, hard-to-use can opener needs to be replaced by a higher-quality, ergonomic, nice-to-use version. All of those cheap clothes bought in desperation? Get rid of them and have fewer, nicer things instead.

That's the goal. It's taking awhile, but I'm hopeful that I'll get there one of these days.

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