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Sunday, September 12, 2010


Amanda Morin

I remember that feeling well. I'm busier now working-from-home than I was punching the clock in a brick-and-mortar business. Somehow you feel incredibly accountable, especially because you *are* at home. Just be careful to actually take that time for you and set some business hours.

One night, as I finished checking my email for the gazillionth time because "my client is on Pacific time, maybe he needed something after my business hours," my husband staged an intervention of sorts. No work after hours, ask clients to respect those hours and try as hard as anyone else to avoid working weekends.

Jeannie Wong

Thanks for the feedback, Amanda! Yes, I'm about to stage an intervention on myself! Lunch today, I promise! ;)
Best, Jeannie

Suzy Manning

I can relate Jeannie, and I am a grandmother who has a business empowering women to own their magnificence to experience more happiness, more freedom, and to put more sizzzl in their lives!! I help my single daughter out who works full time as an intensive care nurse with my two granddaughters who have impacted my life more than any business success or amount of money ever could. We love to nurture as women - our businesses, our children, our partners, our homes, but we so often forget to take the time to nurture us!!!! I have learned the critical lesson that I need to be full to be able to impact others lives. Make the time each day for some guilt free pleasure for you!! Your body and mind will thank you big time!!!!! Thanks Jeannie for making women's lives more manageable so we can continue to be leaders in the world today.

Mary Kaye

If you are on a roll, keep rolling. You've got the energy, the drive and the focus. Your business will thrive. When you need a breather your mind and body will tell you. Be sure to handle the basics - like lunch and then keep the momentum going. Good luck.


Thank you, Suzy and Mary Kaye ... your comments are quite empowering and remind me that I am not "alone." Will think of you both the next time I stop for lunch! ;)


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