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Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Sarah Wallace

I love this post! As, I too, work from home :)

Laura Sultan

This is a great article! I have also been working from home since 2001, and I went through the same stage of being anxious to tell clients that I work from home. I am about to launch a new website for my company, and this will be the first time I actually put on the site that our team members all work from home. Truthfully, I think there was a real danger of not being taken seriously as a home-based business in 2001. Fortunately, cultural perceptions have changed now.

I still long for an office outside of the home from time to time to meet with clients and GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. You make several good points about the downside of doing so that I will keep in mind.

Allison Nazarian

Hi Sarah,
Glad you loved it!
It is what it is and I don't want to have to explain/rationalize/worry/cover up/try to change anymore.
Back to work :)
xo ~ Alli

Allison Nazarian

Hi Laura,
Thank you for your comment!
Yes....I have experienced both (all) sides. I enjoyed the outside-the-house feeling for a while, but ultimately I forgot why it made sense (or it stopped making sense). Times have changed, and there are fewer and fewer jobs/roles that MUST take place in person, all the time.
That all said, more than anything, I hope people can find ways to do what they want/need and make it work without having to pretend or do something because they think they should.
Thank you again!
xo ~Alli

I remember the first 2 years I was in business when I tried to appear "big" ... and then clients were surprised when my "office" was in a residential neighborhood.

Of course, I don't just work at home, I also work in Starbucks, friend's houses :), airports, hotel rooms .... and like you, I also work 60+ hours a week. More than when I worked in an "office."

~ ElizabethPW

Kathy Schneider

My office is bright Yellow! I have windows and French Doors leading out to my deck. And I also work my you know what off. This has been a terrible economic time we have been living in, but out of the ashes.... It gave me the boost to take charge of how I live my life and earn my money. Am I making as much as I did last year? No. Am I happier? YES. Will I be making a good living from this in the next couple of years? I plan on it.

Thanks for keeping it real and showing people what it's really like.

Allison Nazarian

Hi Kathy,
What an awesome comment! Your office sounds great.
Life is short -- go yellow :)
xo ~ Alli

Allison Nazarian

Hi Elizabeth,
(Replied to your comment and it got deleted I guess....GRrrrrr)
Anyway...I agree. I work more hours than ever (not complaining -- just the opposite) yet still get "a look" from some people when I say where my office is located. More focus on the result and less on where your butt is planted while doing the work would be great.
xo ~Alli


Go girl! Your office space sounds awesome! Orange! I love the fact that you are who you are, and you know it, and you don't care what others think about it. You are an inspiration to women, mothers, working mothers, and work-at-home mothers. I am so glad I found your blog.

Allison Nazarian

Hi Paige,
Well thank you!
Some days (most?) I don't feel very inspirational, but I find that saying that for what it is (rather than pretending all is perfect in June Cleaver land) is what actually inspires and connects.
(And some days the orange scares the you-know-what out of me :))
xo ~Alli

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