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Thursday, September 30, 2010



This was so helpful - thank you Lyn. But here's my technophobe/technoignoramus question of the day. What does it mean that you run Windows OS on your Mac? My son (who has a Mac book) wants to do the same thing, and I have no idea what it means. And I don't feel like making an appointment at the Genius Bar to find out. Thanks!


Karen - Since the new Macs now run on Intel processors, you can run windows directly on the processor at basically 'normal' speeds (rather than extremely slowly in a buggy emulator). To do this, you use something called a 'virtual machine' and install Windows directly into that. So, on the Mac, it just appears like another window or application. I click over to it, and, poof, my Mac looks like a PC, runs Windows softare, etc.

You have to buy the virtual machine software manager to run this, as well as having a copy of Windows to install.

I use VMWare Fusion ( for this, but I've heard even better feedback about Parallels ( (after I'd already decided.)

The Genius bar guys should be able to demo this, but I'd bet there are videos available online that show how each of these things works and what they look like when running.

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