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Tuesday, September 07, 2010



I've only been once as an adult for a couple of days before I had a kid, so I have no practical advice, but a buddy of mine is a Disney fan and runs a blog that may or may not be useful (or at least distracting!) -

Do post about how the coordinated vacation aspects work out - I have vague aspirations to do something similar when my toddler is older, but also have the expected trepidation about it, too.


As a dad that owns his own business with a family that visits Disney World over 30 times per year, I would highly recommend that you use an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. They are the best Disney travel agents you can find -- most specializing in Disney travel and they're free! They'll book your trip, watch for new discounts that will save you more money, book all your dining, provide you with itineraries, give you ticket advice, goodies for the kids, and more.

I use -- they've been an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner for over 7 years and they're one of the only agencies actually based in Orlando.


We're going to the World next week, just our little family of four.

Last time we invited Grandma & Grandpa along. It was way more stressful with others to consider. My advice-- agree on which parks on which day (use free park recommendations from, and make reservations for dinner together.
Then split up according to what types of rides and shows your family members like. Reunite for dinner or one of the bigger attractions like Fantasmic! or Illuminations.

Don't try to do it all together-- you'll kill each other.

Oh, and have fun :)

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