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Thursday, August 19, 2010



ya wegmans totally rocks!!!


I love Netflix for this same reason - it helps me remember the movies I want to see! I haven't used Evernote, although I downloaded it at a techie friend's advice. I tend to use my iPhone notepad for the same purpose (usually jotting down books I want to read so they're right there when I'm at the library or in the bookstore) and I use a pen and paper to jot down observations about life for my writing - that just feels more sensory and helpful. Would love to hear more about the advantages of Evernote, as I creep into more and more technology-as-life-aids. And I wish Wegman's would invade Montgomery County already!!


Karen - I've talked briefly about Evernote in previous posts.. do a quick search for 'evernote' in the search box on the left.

But lately, what I'm finding most useful, is ubiquitous access. I have Evernote open constantly on my laptop and my desktop, and I have it installed in my iPhone. They are all synced together. So wherever I happen to be, if I have a thought to add something to the notes I keep there, it's handy *and* it will be replicated everywhere else.

It's easier for me to type on a real keyboard, but I often want access to notes when I'm out and about, so typing stuff at a computer and being able to see it on my phone is really handy. Current notes that I update regularly enough to want this kind of access:
- one line journal (an experiment for this year; 1-2 lines to just jot down what happened that day)
- medical logs (reverse chronological) for each family member
- car logs for each car
- house log
- notes on open loop household items (we're in the middle of a refinance, so I have notes on that in my current notebook in Evernote)

and so on.

I have a reference notebook that includes notes on:
- babysitter notes (things to remember to tell sitters)
- Lush wishlist
and so on.

And I have a whole recipes notebook for which my longterm goal is to eventually scan all the loose recipes stacked in a pile and have them digitally in Evernote (tagged for easy search on dinner/appetizer/dessert/breakfast/etc). One of the features that Evernote offers that I haven't really taken advantage of yet is generating text automatically from images... that will be very handy for the Great Recipe Digitization Project of 20-something-something.

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