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Tuesday, August 03, 2010



I so agree with you about the importance of good neighbors. We recently moved as well, and were thrilled to discover that our neighbors have kids who like to play in the neighborhood even with kids who aren't exactly their age. We also were welcomed with a batch of cookies. So nice!!

We found that it doesn't hurt to make the first move. Shortly after we moved, we invited our new neighbors over for wine and cheese. At the party, everyone started talking about how great it was to have a chance to chat, and they decided to start quarterly get-togethers that have actually ended up being full potluck dinners and a great way to build community spirit.

And I am so sorry about the rude message on your answering machine. It's just like the beginning of the Road Less Travelled -- I hope that when they realized you'd just given birth they felt ashamed of their bad manners.

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