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Friday, August 13, 2010



I have had these same conversations with my older child, and as my middle child hits middle school, I know that we will have them as well. I was reminded by reading this that the middle schools' health curricula today are heavily focused on a "just say no" scare tactic around drugs, and I actually think it's a very useful corollary to a parent's rational and educational discussion, such as Jenny describes above. However, the allure in high school of some form of rebellion, which often takes the shape of some sort of illegal substance, be it underage drinking or smoking, or more dangerous drug use, is so strong and human. Our job as parents is to be as conscious as we possibly can about what our children are into, and to take appropriate action, but sometimes, as is their jobs, the teens find ways to sidestep our bloodhound senses. Scary, especially as they reach the age of driving at the same time.

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