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Tuesday, August 24, 2010



Stacy - once again, you write what I feel! The bed making "issue" is one that I wrestle with too. I try to make ours and have our son make his for about a week hoping it will become a habit, and then the next week we get too busy, and well, the beds are unmade. My approach: we do what we can during the week but weekends - whatever! Unless of course company comes over....

Amanda Morin

You are not alone! The beds in our house are almost never made. I truly don't see the point to it, we're just crawling back in and untucking it all into comfortable chaos at the end of the day anyway. Maybe I am failing to teach my kids something valuable, but I think I'd rather have them know how to cook and do their own laundry than make a bed. There's something to be said for being able to shut the bedroom door when company comes over!


I read recently that making the bed actually means for a dirtier bed. See It made me feel much better about things. Of course that doesn't stop the cat hair from getting in the bed, but cats are pretty clean anyway, right??


Stacy, I can't believe how funny this is! I have a long-sitting blog post on how I can't even THINK until I make my bed, and yet my children seem to be lacking this gene. Guess I'll have to post it soon :) ...


Stacy, I am with you 100%. Making your bed every day is NOT a first step to bliss, but a step towards guilt. I prefer oblivion, and shutting the door on the mess.

I will also admit:

I never ever iron
I don't dust (I pay a cleaner to do that)
I hate to stack and unstack the dishwasher. So excruciatingly boring, and
I will run a mile to avoid doing the trash. Seriously.

Avoiding these chores is my path to nirvana because they free me to read a book or two or sit down and chat with my kids.

The only time beds are made in our house is when the sheets are changed or when guests arrive.
Why bother to make the bed? In the days of comforters, it seems sort of antiquated. Kind of like insisting that I use an old fashioned Remington typewriter to bash this out and then send it by snail mail ...


I NEVER make the bed, even for company. I once read that an unmade bed cuts down on the microscopic bugs that eat your dead skin (yuck!) through exposure to light, and I've used that excuse ever since. But I wasn't making the bed before I read that either.


I never make my bed (or anyone else's), but my 6-year old daughter has completely on her own started to make her bed in the morning. It hardly looks like a military-standard bed, but she beams so proudly when she stands next to it that I feel it is my motherly duty to refrain from pointing out the error of her bed-making ways. (Take THAT, Gretchen Rubin.)

Christy @morethanmommy

Well, of course someone who is "pathologically neat" would say to start with a made bed. I am only in my bedroom while I'm sleeping, getting dressed or doing laundry. My happiness, fortunately, is not linked to a made bed. Ours is only made when the sheets are washed and my husband does that. And I, much like you, immediately loosen up all of the overtucked bedding so I can get comfy. I guess I should teach my kids how to do it... but I'm not feeling all that obsessive about it.


Haha - I've never liked making my bed since I was a child, because I figured it was a waste of energy - I'm just going to mess it up again when I go back to bed!  That being said, I do like the look of a nicely made bed and find it more inviting to crawl into, I'm just too lazy to do it myself!
I also wonder if I should start making more of an effort so that I can teach my daughter this 'good' habit early, lest she learn from me and, according to my mother (her grandmother), doom her to life as a messy wife and mother (like me), or worse, lest her messiness drives friends and potential partners away!


Thanks, everyone, for these comments. I see that CurrentMom has a large contingent of non-bed-maker readers. The really funny thing is that I was talking to my mom on the phone yesterday morning and she said that she needed to hang up the phone to make the bed before the exterminator arrived! Guess we don't always transmit our habits to our offspring! That gave me, and I hope you, a really good laugh.

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