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Saturday, August 07, 2010



Breathless, Karen. What a wonderful way of framing your own struggle and tying it back to reality.

Linda Keely

I very much appreciated reading your insights and have always appreciated your son!

Rachel Gertzog

Karen, Thank you for articulating exactly how I've been feeling for the past year. Our children are rarely exactly who we want them to be, but then they teach us a new way to gain perspective and we become who we want ourselves to be.

Comrade Kevin

I think at times we confuse self-esteem with self-worth. Parents often want to boost their children's self-esteem, without understanding that self-worth comes from paving one's own path and conquering adversity by oneself without assistance from anyone.

Scott Sommer

These days, you often go through J, K, and L en route from A to B. Seems like your big guy is well grounded for his years and on a good track.

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