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Wednesday, July 21, 2010



Really interesting. Another phenomenon in Israel is that because of protective legislation (oh, and misogyny) women are discriminated against in hiring. And I think women bear most of the child care responsibility. In fact, many government jobs have become "pink collar" jobs, with the accompanyinglowering of salary and prestige. I wonder if that will happen inthe US with 3 women on the Supreme Court!
also, in Israel parents can take a year of parental leave but only the first 14 weeks arw paid.


Very interesting post. Thanks Stacy! Two other issues, one related directly to Jewish working mothers: reserve duty in the military ("miluim") typically falls on younger men, many with families. Since women don't do reserve duty, they bear the brunt of the childcare arrangements and household duties while dad is away. The second issue is the amount of sexism and harassment in the workplace. I don't know how much has changed since I lived in Israel, but the mommy track seemed much more entrenched to me there, back in the 90's, than it did here.

(And, I can attest that traveling with Stacy for leisure travel typically involves massive amounts of eating and sightseeing.)


Fascinating post. I would definitely take those 14 weeks of paid maternity leave -- I felt lucky to get 6 weeks paid when I had each baby. Although I think I'd rather have a school day that ends at 3:30 pm (although 5 would be better!) compared with pickup at 1 pm!! That is insane.

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