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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Jenny H

I cannot stomach the smell of fast food fries or burgers for that matter. It clings to your clothes and lingers long after you walk away, making it impossible to even think about eating them.

The instant gratification world we live in now makes it so hard to remember to sit down and eat, bond, learn, live... great post!


I do wonder what it is that drives so many parents to do the helicopter thing. I look at it this way - what is it that they fear? What will happen if their children are prevented from achieving the highest heights? I suspect that the narrowing field of opportunity and the widening chasm that separates the rich from the poor have something to do with the fear. To live comfortably in America-- in a 3-bedroom house in a safe neighborhood with good schools, to be able to pay off your credit cards each month and still have a little money to have a restaurant meal or go to a movie or buy some new pants-- then either both spouses have to work, or one of you has to be a doctor or lawyer. The middle class is vanishing. Given this climate, it's no wonder parents are scared of what will happen to their kids if they don't achieve the credentials necessary to nab one of those high-paying jobs. We need an economy that allows hardworking waiters, pipefitters, cable installers, and art teachers to have a decent life. Then maybe people will stop driving their kids (and everyone else) crazy.

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