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Wednesday, July 14, 2010



I've gone from being someone who bought her first cell phone 11 years ago "just for emergencies" to someone who never travels without her IPhone and netbook (of course, my excuse for that is that I'm a writer, so I need it to write whenever the inspiration hits.) I am also a consultant, and always have the feeling that I should be able to see if a client needs me or if a potential client is trying to find me, even on vacation. I've been thinking about this as our family vacation looms in August, and I'm wondering if I have the power in me to completely unplug.

I really do write almost every day, and that is both relaxing and pleasurable to me, as well as necessary - if I can't write, I get agitated. I do not have the discipline to open up a computer without checking email (from all 3 accounts!) and Facebook. So I'm not sure what I'm going to do. So this post is very timely and thought provoking. I guess I'll use the answer for my own blog!


I had a similar situation this summer. I work remotely for my corporation so hubbie and I packed up the kids and spent June in Italy and July in Michigan, visiting relatives. Sounds so glamorous, right? It was tough! Oh, how I missed my daycare and routine! Dad and the grand parents were in charge of the kids, but the interuptions as I tried to work a proper work day were too frequent and the level of care for the kids not what I wanted. There were definitely some amazing bright spots, too, like not touching laundry or cooking a meal for almost two months! But next time we take an extended trip, and I have to work as well, two things will happen - we will rent our own place and not stay with relatives (though that means hello again to laundry and the kitchen!) and we'll bring along a mother's helper to help keep the kids busy and give Dad a rest.

I just came across your site and am really enjoying it. It's sooo needed!

Author of the children's book, My Mommy's on a Business Trip.

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