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Wednesday, June 02, 2010



Wait - Wasn't it just like a month or two ago you wrote the post about starting kindergarten? What? Who? Huh? HOW DID IT GET TO BE JUNE?!?!


Stacy, some wise neighborhood mom gave me the same advice many years ago. Volunteer when your kid can see you. It makes them SOO happy (just today, I was busy rubbing sanitizer on the mouthpieces of musical instruments for the 3rd grade instrumental petting zoo, and Noah was so excited to see me there.) The teachers also get to know that you're around that way, which gives you more of an in when you need it. Of course, teachers are now completely available via email,(which wasn't the case when my oldest trotted off to kindergarten,) so your relationship with them can be on many levels, much of it personal.

there are many moms (and dads) who generously give of themselves to the schools at levels I can only dream of (or have nightmares about.) Bless them. It's not what I can or want to do. But little bits here and there go a long way.

At any rate, as an old hand now at sending kids off to school,I can tell you that the kids absolutely thrive when we leave them alone and let them explore their worlds of school on their own.

So your advice is all spot on. First grade will be a cinch, for you and for her. But I'll need someone around with a tissue box in just 3 years when my oldest runs away to college ...


Hi all,

It is natural to feel some anxiety about the transition from preschool to kinder. Please refer to my online resources and ebooks plus audios as a practical guide to motivate and communicate children to transition from one stage of school to another level. The ways to motivate children in the new classroom by teachers and parent helpers worked very well in our Australian schools - I hope this will be useful to you and your kids/students.
The power of positive language and NLP communication strategies have worked very well for my two children and their classmates when I conduct parent helping work in my kids' classrooms. Please check out for the ebooks and audios on


Stacey -- I love your posts! As I've said before, you put into words exactly how I am feeling. Can you believe they are almost in first grade???


So true. Especially the volunteer visibly. It means so much to the kids!

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